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The Best Headphone Songs of 2013

Originally posted on The Billfold

When we write the history of how technology has made us happier, I hope there’s a whole chapter about headphones. Life in the pre-headphones era was a dystopia of un-entertained silences, un-podcasted public transport. Bus rides without TED Talks, old magazines in waiting rooms, flights spent deflecting extroverted strangers. Going for a jog meant listening to yourself breathe. 

Me, I have my headphones on basically always, and my life is objectively the better for it. I know the internet is the place where we’re supposed to complain how we’re cut off from each other, how we hide between earbuds instead of interacting, how we soundtrack our lives rather than experiencing them.

But really, how much solitary reflection do we actually need? And isn’t it better with Robyn singing over it anyway? I still take long, lonely winter walks, but now I listen to a MOOC about the Civil War on the way! The un-examined life isn’t may not be worth living, but the un-distracted one goes by a lot slower.

Anyway, here are all the ways I retreated from the world this year:

Julianna Barwick – ‘Forever’

It’s weird to pick one track off this album, since all the songs are basically the same wavy, overlapping vowel crescendoes. Still, if you want to feel like you’re attending a Methodist Easter service at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, Barwick’s got you covered.

Kanye West – The last minute and a half of ‘New Slaves’

Most of the tracks on Yeezus would be noticeably better without Kanye West rapping on them. ‘New Slaves’ is the only song where wishing ugh Kanye just shut the fuck up for a second actually pays off. Two minutes and 45 seconds in, he finally does, and for 90 seconds gives us the album’s only glimpse (‘I can’t lose, I can’t lose’) of the vulnerability behind all that Versace.

M.I.A. – ‘Y.A.L.A.’

Just because your politics are daft and your lyrics are incoherent doesn’t mean you can’t make a bangin’-ass club jam. The only way to enjoy this song is to resist the temptation to get all Pitchfork about it (Julianne Moore?) and just enjoy the swagger.

Azealia Banks – ‘No Problems’

Azaelia Banks has built a career out of being the girl who beat you up in middle school, and this song (‘you’re a ham in the pig shack’) is the bullyingest three minutes of the year.

Phosphorescent – ‘Ride On / Right On’ & ‘Song for Zola’

The world needs more alt-country. Haha I’m obviously kidding, but this band exists, and by now they’ve established that they have a right to.

Kavinsky ft. The Weeknd – ‘Odd Look’

Because the Drive soundtrack needed more R. Kelly.

Dan Deacon – ‘Why Am I On This Cloud?’

You know that theme that plays in Kill Bill whenever Uma Thurman is about to murder someone? That is what this song is for.

James Blake – ‘Retrograde’

Sometimes I think James Blake only releases albums to see what genre music critics will assign to them. Is this Electro-folk? Emo-step? Why are the lyrics so tender when the music around them is so mean? I’d better play it again to find out.

Lubomyr Melnyk – ‘Pockets of Light’

If I hadn’ta seen Melnyk play this song live earlier this year, I’d think he was using some sort of software to hit the keys this fast. But no, it’s just him, analog, plinking like a court stenographer and reminding you that your talents are generic and unworthy. Like most of the others on this list, this song defies explanation (just when it’s getting boring it’s like hang on, lyrics what?!), but it’s great for making you feel like whatever you’re doing is in slow motion.

Daft Punk – ‘Contact’

After we all got sick of ‘Get Lucky’ and started listening to the rest of the album, it turns out Daft Punk still has a few climaxes left in them. The rest of the album might take place in the 1970s, but these four minutes toward the end are a little reminder that it’s still 2013 somewhere out there.

Tyler Fedchuk – ‘White Light Mix’  

The whole point of listening to headphones is to make you feel like whatever you’re doing is epic and spectacular. Fedchuk, who has been making crackerjack electro mixes at Radiozero for years, created an hour that evokes the feeling of driving through downtown LA, looking for prostitutes to kill.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘Little Moments’

You know how when we talk about economic development, it starts with poor countries attracting a bunch of low-wage sweatshops, then ‘moving up the value chain’ to stuff like design, processing, consulting, etc? The indie-band equivalent is the transition from cheap acoustics to fancy synthesizers, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah finally did the equivalent of joining the WTO this year.

Hunters & Collectors – ‘Talking To A Stranger (Avalanches Remix)’ & The Avalanches (feat. David Berman) – ‘A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart’

So in 2000, The Avalanches put out one of the best albums ever, (Since I Left You), then some of the best mixtapes ever, then disappeared into oblivion (Australia) for more than a decade. Now they are back with a remix of an off-brand Mumford & Sons-a-like and a … poem?

Neither of these should work, but somehow they do. Like the best songs on Since, ‘Talking to a Stranger’ bears almost no relationship to its source material. And this fucking poem. Jesus, if you didn’t already feel alone listening to your headphones around other people, well, now you do.

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The Best Headphone Songs of 2012

I don’t know if everyone else is like this, but for me, music has gone from something social to something solitary. I listen to music when I work, when I walk, when I bike, when I read, when I write. Almost the only time I don’t listen to music is when I’m with other people, and if I do, it’s something backgroundey and ignorable.

This has created this weird dynamic where the more important a song is to me, the less I want to share it. When I was younger, all of my social activities had soundtracks. Now, they have footnotes. And what I hear on the way there and back feels like mine rather than ours.

I don’t know if this is an actual trend or just feels like one because it’s happening to me. I don’t really care. These songs are how I spent most of my nonsocial time in 2012. Don’t tell anyone I know!

Ekki Mukk – Sigur Ros

Why listen to the mindless clacking around you at work when you can listen to a twinkling drone and soprano vowels instead?


Express Yourself – Diplo

Because sometimes you just want to listen to something that sounds like a homeless person shouting at a fax machine.

Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding

Try to listen to this song without tweeting something optimistic, just try.

Lots – Dan Deacon

No matter what you’re doing, this makes you feel like you’re jogging up a mountain to an orgy.

Four Seasons – Max Richter

I crave this album whenever I’m walking around London because it makes me feel condescending and imperial.

Dangerous and Sound – Tingo

I refuse to believe indie artists are making albums without rap mashups in mind

& It Was U – How to Dress Well

This makes me wish I dated ladies, just so I could clench my fists when they left

Bad Girls – M.I.A.

Listening to this in public will turn your walk into a swagger, I promise.

Four Walls – Burial & Massive Attack

You can tell this song is dark and profound because it is longer than your commute to work.

Third of the Storms – Mike Simonetti

This shit is so catchy you’re amazed it isn’t a cover of a Sesame Street song.

Ms Jackson (Jean Tonique Remix) – Outkast

Can we keep remixing our favorite songs from the ’90s, to keep reliving our teenage years forever? No seriously, can we?

Grimes – Oblivion

Every single hipster who biked past you on a fixie this year was listening to this song.

Bang – Rye Rye

You know that anxiety, when you’re late for something you don’t even want to go to? Now that feeling exists in musical form!

Wrath of God – Crystal Castles

This will not only drown out your surroundings, but also your feelings.

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Our Steps Will Always Rhyme

I’ve been hella digging this dude lately

Degiheugi Trailer Abstract Symposium
Uploaded by degiheugi. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

I’ve always been a bit disappointed with the narrow emotional range of hip-hop. Rap is a good medium for expressing anger, but you rarely see how that anger feeds, and is fed by, a real sadness. I should have known it would take the French to finally show that side of it.

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The problem with growing up Christian

is that you're hardwired to find all kinds of irrational shit inexplicably moving.

I found a music compilation called Fire in My Bones a few months ago, and have been clutching my heart and absorbing it in gulps ever since. The above song is the highlight for me, and I get an emotional pinch from it that I know I wouldn't get if the song was about Allah, or reincarnation, or stress-testing, or any of the other shibboleths I could have been raised in the shadows of if my mom wasn't a Presbyterian minister. 
It's the same pinch I got when Barack Obama was elected, the neon part of your brain that thinks the values you were raised with are self-evidently right, and why won't the rest of the world just come around already? The song probably sounds like gibberish to anyone not raised in my particular household. And sigh, The Giving Tree probably isn't the most moving story ever told. And there are definitely better movies than Chariots of Fire. I know all these things. I just don't always feel them.
But no matter how loud I think at the little kid endlessly spinning around in the snowglobe of my brain, sometimes he still wins. 

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The slow foods approach to music appreciation

It's weird how, nearly midway through 2010, I'm only now figuring out what my favorite albums of last year were. People say that our insta-everything, poly-whatever entertainment consumption is making us pay less attention to the things around us, but, anecdotally at least, I see the opposite effect. Being able to have music playing while I'm biking, cooking, working and in other spheres of my life where it wouldn't have been available 25 years ago has given me a broader appreciation of how music can do more than just distract and entertain.

Take, for example, Fuck Buttons. I wasn't wild about their first album, and downloaded their second (sorry mom) more out of curiousity than any expectation of greatness. It's a genre of music apparently referred to as 'dronecore', which is an utterly retarded sequence of syllables. But yeah, it's really droney, and doesn't 'go' anywhere like anything else I've ever heard. This, for example, is one of the best things I heard all last year.

Fuck Buttons – Olympians

You can only release something like this if you know there are people out there willing to give it a chance. Radio wouldn't go within restraining-order distance, and the wider indie markets, like music blogs and avant-garde European commercials, wouldn't be able to cut this into anything snippety enough to really use. This music feels like it was made for people like me, who just want to bliss out to something soundtrackey while they bike home from work in the sunset.

And it's really good! Something tells me this is the kind of music I would have utterly ignored 10 years ago, because there was no way for it to enter my life in a way that I would actually hear it. I'm glad I was able to give it a chance. 

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I spent most of my time in Sydney

becoming reacquainted with this band:

The Avalanches – Since I Left You

I'm tempted to say something like 'they don't make music like this anymore', but they do, actually. It's just not as good.

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I was in Italy this weekend

hanging out with, among others, the bassist in this band:

The Calorifer is Very Hot – The First of the Gang to Die

and these guys, who are not Danish but are spelled that way.

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The best song I’ve heard in 2009


And everyone I know hates it.

This is unsurprising, but still sorta disappointing. Since none of my friends share my taste, music is becoming like some weird fetish: Something I spend a lot of time obsessing over, yet never speak about out loud.

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Proof, as if you needed any, that record companies still don’t get it

I've been really digging this album, a collaboration between sad bastard indie-totem Sparklehorse and hip-hop tinkerer Danger Mouse:

Just War

Star Eyes

The album's in danger of not being released. It's definitely a weird album, but it's not that weird. Shit, Sparklehorse's last album had a 14-minute song featuring only a heartbeat, an organ and a piano called Dreamt For Light Years in The Belly of a Mountain. That shit sees the light of day but these tracks, verse-chorus-bridge'd and a perfect 3.5 minutes each, get buried?

No one's gonna get rich off this album, duh. But you'd think EMI would at least try to some revenue out of their investment. Right now it's just sitting on YouTube and rapidshare, getting enjoyed without monetization. Surely that's more offensive to the record company than anything on the album itself.

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Referring to your girlfriend as ‘Mama’. And other things no one musically does anymore.

Ever since I lamented that I was getting sick of the compost-scraps on my iPod, I've somehow managed to snout out some tremendous musical truffles.

The filet of the bunch so far has been MyPark:

The album goes from post-Portishead fuzz to straight-up, 100-proof Boner Jams.

I want to find a foreign language where Americans sound as cool speaking it as French people do speaking English. And move to where they speak it.

I've also managed to find a lot of great '60s stuff. Or at least it sounds 60s. This is what happens when you borrow your friends' external hard drives, and just crtl-C, ctrl-V everything you like.

That's probably old, right? This next one has a motherfucking sitar. Those have been embargoed since George Harrison ruined them, so must be reaching even further back to the sock-hop era.

And I know, Dad: You tried endlessly to get me to listen to this kind of stuff in the station wagon and I just rolled my eyes and disappeared into Nine-Inch Beastie Doggs or whatever. Everyone has to discover the past on their own.  

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