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Human Trafficking


Mike tells Sarah how NGOs, activists and George W. Bush resurrected the ‘stranger danger’ panic for the modern era. Digressions include Reply All, muffins and Yelp for massage parlors. Mike’s vocal fry is worse than usual.

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Corrections: Mike gets the first name of Catharine MacKinnon wrong and says first-wave feminism when he means second wave. He’s extremely embarrassed.


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The O.J. Simpson Trial: Marcia Clark


Sarah tells Mike how Marcia Clark got the slam-dunk case that ended her career as a trial lawyer. Digressions include string cheese, “Inception” and what calling women “difficult” means in 2019. We go on the record in favor of a wide range of frivolous hobbies.

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The O.J. Simpson Trial: Paula Barbieri


“Centering conversations around blame is not the most useful thing for us to be doing.” Sarah tells Mike about the woman who broke up with O.J. Simpson on the morning of the murders — then stayed by his side through the trial. Michael Bolton makes an extended cameo appearance.

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