Should Britain Leave the EU?


Here’s a video I made explaining why.


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31 responses to “Should Britain Leave the EU?

  1. Pura Ilusión

    Totally agree

  2. YES, please – because I am tired of all that EU bashing in Britain!

  3. I enjoyed the video. Lot’s of outstanding info! What presentation software was in made on? Looks and sounds great…

  4. Very engaging, instructive and pursuasive presentation. I enjoyed your use of the entertainment media time get your point across. Excellent!

  5. ECONOMICS!!! Loved it. But still confused. Britain is powerful but leaving EU? Er.. It is pretty unpredictable!!

  6. Félicitations pour ce post 🙂

  7. bettydejene

    It was a really informative video with amazing info! Britain should definitely not leave

  8. I wrote an essay regarding tis topic!!!

  9. herlix

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    Should Britain leave the EU

  10. I believe so yes. Until the world is a better place for us all to live

  11. Of all Europe and the EU – Britain has the best standards and ideas and organization and crime here is not so bad

  12. Excellent video! Compelling scenario however Britain can’t be soundly compared to Switzerland (not as competitive nor known for great quality products & services) nor to Norway (not as rich ie filled with oil). My humble opinion is that UK needs EU, which is less the case for f ex Switzerland. Anything branded ‘Swiss’ sells itself …

  13. there are other possibilities – the refugee crisis is causing a lot of debate about free movement. A lot of countries are not happy about this – UK is not alone. The may be the breaking of the camel’s back.

  14. In its heart, I don’t believe Britain has ever really joined the EU.

  15. An issue that should be tackled wisely and pragmatically

  16. Very neat and concise presentation of all the options. Of course with the new trade deal between the EU and the US it adds even more pressure as an independent Britain would have necessarily benefit from said treaty.

    Much like the argument that an independent Scotland or Catalonia would not have gotten necessari;y entry into the EU, would they become independent… Kudos!

  17. Deborah

    No! Great video share thank you.

  18. Good video. Britain should not leave the EU, it would be problematic for the economy. Plus being in the EU has many benefits.

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  21. HD

    As I’ve traveled through Europe the past three months there’s been a lot of talk about this. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this issue.

  22. I believe so yes. Until the world is a better place for us all to live

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