Gay People Have Crushes Too

This article about a married 50-something dude looking up his second-grade crush is adorable, but I can’t help wondering how it would play out if the object of his affection was male.

I had dude-crushes at the rate of nearly one per year from daycare til middle school (OK, grad school). Some of them turned out to be gay, some of them didn’t. Some I still know, some I don’t. Some I’ve told, some I haven’t.

Everyone knows juvenile crushes are harmless. They say more about giver than the getter, and it should be flattering to know you exist in some neuronal nook of a forgotten acquaintance.

Still, I’d be nervous calling up the dudes I spent elementary and middle school pining over (and terrified of). Even 20 years later, even in 2012, I feel like straight guys wouldn’t find it cute and complimentary, but deceptive and threatening, like I’d stolen something from them.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe its worth a shot! Does anyone have an e-mail address for Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

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One response to “Gay People Have Crushes Too

  1. John D

    I had a juvenile crush. He sat behind me in our early school days, since he came alphabetically after me. Scott was boisterous where I was shy. Athletic where I was clumsy. Popular where I was outcast. Even though he lived around the corner from me, we didn’t hang out. I, however, had such a crush on him.

    Years later, I was in college and he was in the Navy. I was visiting my parents and he stopped by to see me. That summer, we spent weekends together. I came out to him. He wondered if I had any gay porn. I did and showed it to him. At the end of the summer, he made a clumsy attempt to seduce me. Once I realized it, I gave in wholeheartedly.

    A year later, I was in my first relationship. He had left the Navy and in those early days of AIDS worried that being gay meant a short lifespan so he was giving it up.

    I’ve thought of looking him up on Facebook, but honestly, not everyone is on it, and he has a really common name.

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