Star Wars Episode VII Might Be Hella Good!

I’m sure we’re supposed to be all ‘argh my childhood’ about Disney buying Lucasfilm and making another batch of Star Wars movies, but I think they have at least the potential to be really great. If anything, I wish this had happened in, ooooh I dunno, 1998.

Movie concepts don’t really matter; it’s all in the execution. Imagine if they got Christopher Nolan to direct it, or Peter Jackson, or James Cameron.

Or Terrence Malick! OK, just kidding. But still, the Star Wars universe is literally endless, and Disney has a blank slate to work with.

Remember how when ‘Titanic’ was announced, everyone acted like it was such a bad idea? ‘Spoiler alert: The boat sinks!’ the late-night hosts cracked. But then the trailer came out and everyone got sort of excited. And then the movie came out and everyone just went bonkers and it won every award and seeing it in the theater became a prerequisite to get a learner’s permit or whatever.

See? Execution. There’s no reason to believe the new Star Wars movie will necessarily be terrific, but there’s no reason it has to suck either. With the right director and a script without too many ‘ands’ in the credits, Disney might actually pull this off.

Besides, even if it all goes wrong, Disney can just tinker with it and release it again. That’s worked so far.

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