Literary Playlist: ‘We’re all higher than the lowest things we’ve ever done’

The only thing humans like better than socializing is making up rules about who and how we’re allowed to do it.

‘Two or three hundred years from now people will look back on solitary confinement like we look back on the burning of witches.’

‘My father remembers what he wore at just about every important moment in his life’

The fall and fall of Sears

Restructuring a flailing manufacturing company begins with vacuuming.

New Yorker readers need to be thoroughly reassured that the person entertaining them with parlor tricks is a scholar. 

Speaking of solitary confinement, 47 people live on a rapey little island in the middle of nowhere.

This one-page blog post changed my thinking about human behavior more than any of the pop-economist books that have come out in the last five years combined.

Europe is fucked, part 47,135

Someone needs to write a book about how this came about.

Big Food isn’t the same as Big Tobacco. Except that they sort of are.

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