Things You Can Tell About Chile Just By Looking At It

The best thing about traveling to another country is waking up before everyone there

and jogging through it while it's getting dressed for the day.

In developing countries, this is an incredibly efficient way to get gawked at.

My first day in Santiago, I ran to the top of a hill at 7 am

The road was so deserted I thought I'd missed an air raid siren.

Even the squirrels looked suspicious.

I was on my way down before I saw any other people. Dozens of joggers on their way up.

They nodded and hola'd, admiring my fortitude.

I yelled 'America!' loud enough for them to hear through their earbuds.

Based on the number of joggers, plus the rate of earbuds-per-jogger, I concluded midway through my run that Chile is less developingey than I thought it would be.

It looks more like the US from overtop than Mexico.

Aside from the language and the abstinence, you could mistake it for LA.

At the top of the hill the Virgin Mary congratulates you on making the altitude.

For a few minutes, it was just me and her.

Standing still and looking out at what we'd done.

She's been looking longer than I have.

I hope I have her patience to see what's below.


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6 responses to “Things You Can Tell About Chile Just By Looking At It

  1. IME

    What a fantastic post! We’re Americans spending a year abroad (in the south of France) and I’ve enjoyed your blog a lot – especially the “why I don’t want to move back to the US” post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great! thanks for the run up 😉 and I like your choice of words, “less developingey”.

  3. MakeSomethingMondays

    I love you post! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. They are fantastic!

  4. Beautiful post.
    I felt as if I walked next to you – I could smell the morning air and feel the heat of the rising sun. Such powerful ending. Thank you!

  5. MinusTheLinus

    I lived in Chile this past summer, and seeing this cerro San Cristobal was my favorite parts of Santiago. What also struck me was how un-developingy they were (heehee), and how proud of their country they were also. We consider a country like Chile to be “developing,” and therefore inferior to our US standards, but I couldn’t think of my own friends in the States being as proud of our country as they were of theirs. So which is better? Great post!

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