As if it wasn’t hard enough to be skinny nowadays:

I love the audacity of lying about something that is an objective measure.

Apparently, there used to be a law in Egypt that said if the temperature got above 40 degrees, work had to be canceled. Every time the temperature got up that high, the government just lied and said it was 39 degrees, even when it got up to 45 or more. This shows the same dictator-grade head-in-the-sanding.

This should be a lesson to all those free-marketeers out there. You want to give more societal responsibility to organizations that won’t even be honest about what an inch is? At least the communists only lie in words, not in numbers.


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2 responses to “Fat-Flation

  1. elephantwoman

    On a related note, clothing sizes have changed dramatically over time. So a ‘small’ from 20 even 10 years ago would be an ‘extra small’ now etc. It’s not quite the same phenomenon to which you are referring, but given that all the brands size differently, you can easily infer what their target market is.

  2. This post annoys me for reasons I can’t quite pin down. I guess it doesn’t seem all that important that it is an objective measure. If a doctor says you need under a 38″ waist to keep down risk of heart disease, it’s not like you’re gonna consult your pants, see 36″, and decide you’re AOK. I actually talked with a Norwegian who legit did not know those were inches — he thought of it more like dress sizes: just numbers that generally describe the size.

    Secondly, I have to wonder if standards have changed in a different way than just “people have gotten fatter.” I had a friend in the US who straight up said he wouldn’t date a guy who wore over a 32, because unless he was a bodybuilder, that would just be pure fat.

    If we can’t be beautiful, we can at least have beautiful numbers.

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