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More asterisks, please

This is the best punctuation mark-related sonning ever:


The former attorney general tells Esquire:

All the internal investigations are over with, no finding of wrongdoing, no finding that I misled Congress.* So I'm gratified by that, but I'm certainly not surprised by it. But anyway, it creates impressions. And yeah, it takes some time to work through that. And that's what I'm trying to do now.

And that asterisk?

*Editor's note: A 2008 Department of Justice investigation was referred to a federal prosecutor and remains ongoing.


Can more journalists start putting little stars behind the bullshit quotes they get from their sources? Stories about Cheney are gonna start looking like the fucking Milky Way. 

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‘Things that are against the law in Uganda: Smoking in public, prostitution, driving recklessly…’

It's always nice, and depressingly rare, to read something about a political issue written by someone who knows what the fuck they're talking about.

The most likely scenario, I'd predict, is that the bill gets watered down to remove the death penalty stuff, is passed, and then, like all Ugandan laws, goes on to be rarely and haphazardly enforced.

The whole thing's really good.

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