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My country is more Satanic than yours

While doing some research for work the other day, I came across the following map: ‘Progress of the Gospel’. It’s from a Christian website, The Joshua Project, that has information on every people-group in the world, as well as advice on how to convert them to Christianity. Wanna know about the Uighurs of China? Bedouins of Iraq? Algerians in Paris? Want to turn their habitat into Alabama? It’s all there.


I like this map because they tacked the most optimistic possible legend at the bottom. The red areas aren’t un-Christian (or even, gasp, Muslim), they’re just ‘unreached’. The blue areas (like, ahem, Denmark) aren’t past Christianity, or 'post-Enlightenment', or secu-liberal abortion-havers. They’re ‘emerging’.


I’m interested in those splotches of yellow in the middle of the States. Is that Utah? Was there a Madonna concert in Arizona when this data was gathered? There’s a little strip of yellow on the Georgia and South Carolina coasts as well, right above Florida. I refuse to believe that there’s anywhere in the South where the Gospel is ‘nominal’, so I think those are just the hurricane coastlines that God keeps punishing for being gay.


Anyway, I think it’s interesting the infinite ways we regard the world. I’m waiting for a corresponding map, ‘Progress of Godless Sodomy’, cataloguing the gayness of various world regions, from Copenhagen (Emerging) to San Francisco (Fierce!) to Tehran (Un-reacharound).


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