Lightshows, gymnastics and petty theft: Just another holiday weekend in Denmark

The last few weeks in Denmark have been a veritable Blitzkreig of holidays. We've already had an un-secularly huge Easter, National Prayer Day, something about 'Befrielse', The Ascension, Kristi Himmelfart weekend, and some sort of religious calendar-artifact this Monday. And we've still got Constitution Day and a few Saint Something evenings to go. I love this country.

Here's a few pics of the Lightshow-slash-architecture-picnic we attended 'round midnight on Friday, and some blurry snaps of my friend Soren's gymnastics contest, which I stumbled out to the 'burbs to attend on Saturday. In non-highlight developments, my Portugese buddy Andre got his bag stolen right out from under us at a gay bar on Saturday night. On his birthday, no less. Damn shifty Scandinavians.

Balconies by IkeaThe DJ was playing that kind of music that's so background that only dogs and emo kids can hear itOooh, it's like a Windows Media Player visual!Sketching the darknessAlas, I forgot my singletThis is way harder than it looks, actually


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