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Stuff I’ve been digging lately

Sparklehorse lyrics

Tina Fey's Sorkin-assassinating '30 Rock,' which would be the most quotable show ever if I lived in a country where anyone would understand shit like "I'm on my grind!"

'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay' by Michael Chabon, which I haven't read since I was 19 and still has a Harry Potter-like ability to keep me up halfway to Danish sunrise.

'Bros' by Panda Bear. If it's possible for one song to encapsulate the short-lived awesomeness of Danish springtime, this is it.

'Hot Fuzz,' an action movie so British it should come with fucking crumpets.

The new season of 'The Sopranos'. How's it gonna end?

Marmaduke Explained. How emasculating must it be to get up every morning and make a comic strip knowing that it will be crushingly mocked on the Internet before noon?

The everlasting this

Old episodes of 'Arrested Development,' which might be the most perfect sitcom ever.

4/29 Truth. The world needs more possible passive-aggressive takedowns of 9/11 conspiracy theories. "It is not just Rosie O'Donnell who agrees it is impossible for fire to melt steel!"

Brian Eno's bastard child Eluvium. Why shouldn't a one-note synth song be 12 minutes long?

The Sartorialist. I don't really know anything about clothes, or shoes, or which scarf goes with whatever bus I'm riding, but this dude is just so nice.

The Chemical Brothers' new album (pre-emptively).

The Concretes (retroactively).

Human dog-whistle Joanna Newsom at Vega two weeks ago and Of Montreal at Loppen last Sunday. I don't usually go to this many shows, but hey, I'm on my grind.

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